November 2007

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            Thanks to all who have corrected your address for us. If your mailing address is a P.O. box, please make sure we have the correct physical address of your water tap. And give us your telephone number. We might need to contact you with important information, such as the fact that we must turn your water off for line maintenance. It’s better to know that before you step into the shower.

            The Association is beginning to wrap up its fiscal year, which ends November 30. This brings forth a few end-of-year reminders. One involves the “past due” list. We try to avoid referring to “delinquent” accounts, because none of our cherished members are true delinquents, but perhaps some do suffer an occasional lapse of memory. In the envelope with this letter, mild amnesia cases will find polite reminders. Hard core non-payers will find shutoff notices.

            Stubbornly ignoring a water bill can be a symptom of lost perspective. It is, after all, a relatively minor obligation. For most USCDWUA customers, water costs less than one percent of the household income. If you don’t pay, you have decided that 99% of your income should be applied to more important things. For some, those high-priority expenses include satellite TV, payments on a new truck/ATV, or similar necessity. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a night without water is necessary to regain perspective.

            On the other hand, perhaps you manage your money as well as possible, and are still having a problem with your water bill. If so, please call us and work out an arrangement. Historically, however, we have found that it is seldom people on fixed income or otherwise limited means who are slow payers.

            Always anticipated this time of year is the Annual Membership Meeting. It will be held Tuesday, December 11, at the Cedaredge Community Center. Later in November, you will receive a letter including the call of the meeting, and a proxy card to send back if you cannot attend. It is important that you remember to attend this meeting and participate in the governance of your Association. If attendance is impossible, it is equally important that you return your proxy card. As membership in USCDWUA grows, it becomes progressively harder to obtain a quorum, so every attendance and every proxy is vital.

            Chilly weather approaches, and it always reminds us of one of water’s amazing characteristics. Most substances shrink as they cool. So does water, until it freezes, then it expands. This is wonderful for life on Earth, because ice floats instead of sinking, which could eventually fill up lakes with solid ice. But it’s bad news for water pipes, because the inevitable effect of expanding ice in a pipe is a broken pipe.

            So, if you are planning to vacate, and live a few months in the sun away from your Colorado home, first take the precaution of winterizing your house. That means more than just turning the water off. Our advice is to call a plumber for a thorough job. Water must be drained from all your plumbing, perhaps forced out by air pressure. Traps and toilet bowls must be protected with anti-freeze. We are surprised each year by people who decide that just leaving their heat on will be sufficient. Owners of ruined homes will attest to the fact that this is not wise.



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