Rules We Live By

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             Life, even in a free society such as ours, is ordered by rules. This newsletter will dwell on a few of them that have an impact on you and your water company.


             Excerpt from the USCDWUA bylaws Article VIII, Section 3:

“The Board of Directors is authorized and directed to refuse to deliver water to any member who is delinquent in the payment of monthly water charge or any assessment levied...”


             To implement this rule when you have not paid your water bills, a shutoff notice is mailed, then if there is still no payment, a personal visit is made to give an additional 24-hour notice, then as a last resort, your water is shut off and locked. Once shut off, an additional charge of $50 is added and must be paid to get the water turned back on.


             Excerpt from the USCDWUA Application for Membership, Paragraph 3:

“I agree that water used from this membership will be used for one household only, and that if additional homes are to be built or placed on my property and are to be served by this Association, I agree that applications will be made for additional memberships.”


             Each member of this Association has signed such an Application for Membership, which also serves as an agreement, or contract with the Association. The above paragraph is one of the rules that a member agrees to in order to receive the benefits of membership. Like other parts of the Application, it is based on the Association bylaws.

             There are several myths about this particular rule. It has been said that we are the only water system around with such a rule (baloney). It has been said that for this special circumstance, or that one, the rule is not applicable. In fact almost everybody who is having trouble with this rule has decided that it does not apply to them, for one reason or another. The authorities in this matter are the agreement signed when you became a member, and the Association bylaws.


             Excerpt from the USCDWUA Application for Membership, Paragraph 8:

“I agree to keep the Association informed of my current mailing address at all times, which now is....”


             This paragraph is especially pertinent now that we are nearing the end of the grace period granted by Delta County for changing your address to the new system. This too, is a rule that we need to live by. We at Up The Creek have no way of automatically changing your address. We need that information from you. Even if your mailing address is a P.O. box which did not change, we need to know the current physical address of your water tap.

             By the way, the new physical address of USCDWUA is 17257 Meadow Drive.



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