Dear Water Users,

            We do not know what happened at the Cedaredge Treatment Plant. The State Health Department is investigating. Saturday, April 19, Dan and Dayton tested the water for turbidity and found it to show turbidity levels of approximately 3.0 turbidity units. This is above the standard 0.5 turbidity units. Dan and Dayton reported their findings to the Town Public Works Director Gary Noah who then reported these findings to the State Health Department.

            The basic steps that USCDWUA and the Town of Cedaredge must do to satisfy the State Health Department before the boil order can be lifted are:

            Drain and Clean the tanks.

            Purge the water system. This is done by adding a strong solution of chlorine to the water and measuring the progress of that chlorine as it makes its way through the entire system. Dan and Dayton will be measuring the amount of chlorine from the top of the water system checking each leg of the system. It will take several days for this strong solution of chorine to reach every point of the water system. After it is determined that the strong solution of chorine has passed through the system a normal chlorine solution must also pass through the system.

            At times the water will smell of strong chlorine.

            The Town of Cedaredge must also follow this proceedure. The Boil Order will not be lifted until both the Town and USCDWUA can demonstrate to the State that their lines have been properly purged.

            At the present time USCDWUA Tank has been drained, cleaned and is now back on line. Water with a strong solution of Chlorine is now making its way through the system.