Dear Water User:


             USCDWUA regrets to inform you that, until further notice, your drinking water should be boiled before consumption. You may already have learned this through news reports or a telephone call. It is not known that the water is unsafe - this is a precautionary measure.


             The reason for this advisory is that we are unable to maintain an acceptable level of chlorine throughout our system. Investigation by USCDWUA operators indicates that this is due to a high level of turbidity in the water. High turbidity is the result of ineffective filtration. It is not in itself hazardous, but interferes with proper chlorination.


             The Town of Cedaredge, as operator of the filter plant, has been notified of the situation, and is working to correct it. Town residents have also been advised to boil their drinking water.


             The problem will take several days to correct, because of the time needed to flush the unacceptable water from our system. You will be notified when the water may be consumed normally.


                                                                 For the USCDWUA Board of Directors

                                                                 Dan Hawkins, Manager 856-7199