June 1, 2003

            Having exhausted our repertoire of evasive answers to your penetrating questions, we at Up The Creek are glad to see the end of the “boil water order.” The State Department of Public Health removed the requirement to boil our drinking water last week.

            We apologize to any of our members who may not have received timely notification. We learned that the order was lifted after business hours April 13. We had made prior arrangements with the Delta County Emergency Coordinator to do a “reverse 911" call to every residence having a phone in our service area. Despite heroic efforts on the part of the Emergency Coordinator, the plan bombed. The data we furnished was not accepted by the computer that was to be in charge of doing the calling. Our appreciation goes to Mr. Rob Fielder, who drove to Delta from his home in Grand Junction and worked until past 10:00 p.m. trying to get the job done. Needless to say, we are now working to provide him with compatible information.

            Many of you have given us email addresses, thank you. More are solicited. Please check, on the right side of your statement, the telephone number we have in our records. If it’s wrong, please straighten us out.

            Now that you have put your boiled water recipes away, many of you are formulating more penetrating questions, forcing us to hatch up a new set of evasive answers. To the most common question, “what went wrong?” we are stuck with “we don’t know.” We look forward to more information on that topic from the Town of Cedaredge and the Colorado Department of Public Health.

            We can tell you that efforts to build a USCDWUA treatment plant continue, possibly with more determination than ever. There are many agencies that must grant approval before the first shovel of dirt can be turned. Delta County has permitted a Specific Development for the plant, and a Boundary Adjustment, which allowed USCDWUA to trade its existing treatment plant site for one that is more practical.

            Permits are still pending from U. S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Colorado Division of Water Resources, and Colorado Department of Health. And probably some others.

            We have contracted for engineering services (Ute Engineering), and placed a down payment on membrane filtration equipment from Pall Corporation. Our earliest anticipated date to begin major construction is this fall. With favorable weather, benign bureaucracies, and lots of money, we could be treating water by this time next year.

            The Board of Directors has regretfully accepted the resignation of Donna Ferganchick, who moved away from Cedar Mesa. Mr. Bob Tramp has been appointed to her position, and will serve until the next annual Stockholders’ Meeting, where the position will be filled by election. Thank you for your service, Donna and all good fortune to you.