February 1, 2003

            This month we are asking you to help us with a legal situation. No, none of us has been arrested (yet) and if we were, it would probably be on a non-bailable offense, such as impersonating an expert, for which the punishment is school.

            The kind of help we need is for you to study the questionnaire below, and return it to us if you answer “yes” to any of the questions. The reason for the survey is to identify sites for lead and copper testing, in accordance with the Colorado Drinking Water Regulations. Lead and copper can accumulate in drinking water that stands for a time, such as overnight, in copper plumbing that was assembled with lead-bearing solder. The tendency for this to happen is dependent on the “aggressiveness” of the water. We do not have especially aggressive (corrosive) water, but the requirement to test is there anyway.

            If you do not know for sure how to answer a question, please use your own judgement in deciding the probability. There is no penalty for a wrong answer, and there will be no adverse consequences if your home is selected as a test site. The worst that can happen is that you will be asked to draw a quart of water first thing in the morning, which we will pick up and submit to a laboratory for testing. You will not be required to change your plumbing, and no salesman will call. None representing us, anyway. You will be given the results of the test for your home, if it is selected.


                                             USCDWUA Lead and Copper Survey


1. Does your home contain copper pipes in its plumbing system, or a copper service line from the meter to your home? NO __________ YES_________


2. Was your copper plumbing installed or modified (such as remodeling) between the years of 1982 and 1988?NO__________ YES__________


3. Was your copper plumbing installed or modified prior to 1983?

                                                                                                NO__________ YES__________

            If you answered “NO” to question #1 (which makes #2 and #3 irrelevant), you do not need to respond. But, if #1 is “YES” then please return this page with your payment and the top part of your bill, so we know your address. We need to identify at least 20 sites on our system for the initial round of tests.

            Thank you for your cooperation.