January 1, 2002

            Thank you all who attended the Annual Stockholders Meeting. The courteous way in which you participated reminds us again that the Association membership is a group of extraordinary people.

For those who were unable to attend, here is a recap of significant actions at the meeting:


          The Association bylaws were amended, making it possible to change the tap fee without changing the bylaws each time. The stockholders still must approve a change in the tap fee, however.


          The tap fee and monthly minimum fee remain unchanged for the coming year.


          A budget for 2002 was adopted. It is a smaller budget from last year’s, due to an expected slowdown in tap sales.


          The Board of Directors remains the same as last year. See the other side of this letter for the roster of Directors and staff.


          Main capital improvements planned for the coming year are a new storage tank on upper Cedar Mesa, and replacement of a ½-mile section of pipeline at the south end of 2425 Drive.

            This is the time for everybody to be making resolutions. Some are frivolous, some are serious, most are made to be broken. We have a couple of promises to you:

            1. We will continue to strive to bring you the most reliable, best quality water we can.


2. We will not credit a payment from John Smith, account # 330, to John Smith, account #551, thus causing concern in one Smith household and unwarranted contentment in the other


3. You resolve to always include the top part of your water bill with your payment so we can keep our resolution and/or write your account number on your check.

             If all New Year’s resolutions were that easy, they would hardly be worth breaking. Happy 2002, everyone.