November 2001

            November is a complicated month. First, there is the numerical root novem, for nine, which would seem to make it the ninth month. December should then be the tenth month. However, we know them as the eleventh and twelfth months, except for the fiscal accounting period of USCDWUA, in which we know November as the twelfth month and December as the first month (of fiscal 2002). This is all done so that the Annual Shareholders Meeting may be scheduled on the second Tuesday of December, which coincides with all of the school band concerts as well as the coldest night of the year, usually.

             This year’s Annual Meeting will be December 11, at the Cedaredge Community Center. The event will be advertised in local papers, and you will receive notification by mail later in November. Included in that notice will be a proxy for you to use in case you cannot attend the meeting. Please assign the proxy to someone you know who will attend, and either drop it in the mail or give it to your assigned person. Each year, it is a close thing whether we will achieve the quorum necessary to hold a meeting. With no quorum, the meeting could not legally take place, and would have to be rescheduled. Not a happy prospect.

            The Annual Meeting is your time to have a say in the operation of your association. You elect directors to represent you, approve a budget, and get your questions answered and your concerns heard. Please plan to attend.

            In November we begin closing out the Association books in preparation for the annual

CPA review. One of the financial summaries presented to the CPA is a list of all members with past due accounts at the end of the year. We also send this list to Santa Claus, so he may find out who has been naughty and nice. You don’t want your name on this list. Please examine your bill this month and pay exactly the amount shown.

            Around the first of October, there were two serious water line breaks which affected some of you in the Surface Creek valley and upper Cedar Mesa (every water line break affects somebody on upper Cedar Mesa). Yours truly the manager was wisely out of state at the time, leaving Dayton and Chuck with responsibility for keeping the water on. They seized the opportunity to hone their trouble-shooting skills, which means walking miles of pipeline looking for water that shouldn’t be there, and trying to avoid cactus, which is hard to do in the dark. They also worked on their deep mudhole skills. Their performance was so impressive that I am almost prepared to rescind some of the remarks that may have inadvertently slipped out on occasion which could have been interpreted as reflecting unfavorably on their intelligence, ambition, and/or ancestry.

            November, by the way, was the ninth month in the Roman calendar, which started in March. If we applied strict Latin numeric roots to our current eleventh and twelfth months, they would be called undecimber and duodecember. It’s probably better left alone.